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VHS Wines



“Dynamic, enigmatic, contemporary, revolutionary. Samuel J. Smith, under the moniker Vinous Heroin Society Wines, epitomizes the new frontier of Australian winemaking”

- In Daily Adelaide, 2016


“His utilization of Australian native flora, as infusions, has placed VHS Wines at the forefront of the avant-garde”

- Broadsheet Adelaide, 2018


“Samuel’s autonomous approach to his craft has made him a modern-day virtuoso of the industry and has allowed his skillset to exponentially expand, all in the space of only 4 years” - Vine Street Imports, US, 2018


“VHS Wines is the most unique wine project in the country, there we said it” - P&V Merchants, 2021


“One of the most imaginative winemakers in the Australian wine scene is Samuel Smith from VHS Wines”

- Gourmet Traveller, March 2022

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